SEACOR Marine Receives MARAD Grant, Also Initiates Carbon Offset Program


SEACOR Marine Awarded MARAD Grant

The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded $9.5 million in grants to eight marine highways projects across the Nation under the America’s Marine Highway Program. Port NOLA’s sponsored container-on-barge project with SEACOR AMH LLC was one of the grants awarded.

The Baton Rouge-New Orleans Shuttle of the M-55 was awarded $778,350, SEACOR AMH was awarded the grant to provide permanent dunnage fabrication and installation in 29 of its existing pool of barges.

Permanent dunnage fabrication will increase utilization of the barges. The award will support the continued growth of the Memphis to Port Allen, Louisiana, container shuttle service and allow the movement of 10% more containers per barge.

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SEACOR Marine Carbon Offset Program

SEACOR AHM recently announced that its container on barge service is participating in a 12-month accredited U.S.-based carbon offset program starting June 2020.

“SEACOR AMH has been a great partner of the Port of New Orleans in providing reliable container on barge service to our mutual customers,” said Brandy Christian, President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans. “Their investments have created a marine highway option for shippers and ocean carriers to move containers on inland routes and we applaud their commitment to greening the supply chain.”

Container on barge has been a safe and environmentally friendly transportation solution and SEACOR AMH’s move to carbon neutrality continues to support the value of this service to the region.

Port NOLA is proud to work with SEACOR AMH for our container on barge service.

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Published: July 14, 2020