The HPD is responsible for enforcing maritime law, protecting ports, harbors, and waterfront areas. Community initiatives for harbor police departments include:

  • We engage in community policing initiatives to build trust, relationships, and collaboration with the local community.
  • We launch education and awareness campaigns on safety and security practices for recreational boaters, fishermen, and other water-based activities. We also focus on environmental stewardship and the importance of keeping the waterways clean.
  • We partner with other agencies, such as the Coast Guard, local fire departments, and emergency services, to enhance the safety and security of the harbor and waterfront areas.
  • We organize harbor tours and events to showcase our work, educate the public on our role in safeguarding the harbor, and build community relationships.
  • We engage with local youth through programs such as Police Athletic Leagues, mentoring, and internship opportunities to build trust and promote positive interactions between the police and the community.

Connect with us and let us know if you have questions or suggestions for the Harbor Police Department, feel free to email our Community Engagement Manager, Arian Randolph at