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  • Port of New Orleans and New Orleans Public Belt Boards Move Avondale Revitalization Forward

Port of New Orleans and New Orleans Public Belt Boards Move Avondale Revitalization Forward

At special meetings on Sept. 25, the Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans (Port NOLA) and the Board of Directors of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Corporation (NOPB) approved separate resolutions authorizing Cooperative Endeavor Agreements between Port NOLA, NOPB, Jefferson Parish and Avondale Marine LLC to facilitate the proposed redevelopment of the former Avondale Shipyard site.

“The Port recognizes the site's tremendous potential to grow the region's maritime industry with the attraction of new cargo commodities, value-added manufacturing and services that enhance existing Port business,” said Brandy D. Christian, Port of New Orleans President and CEO and New Orleans Public Belt CEO. “Everyone will benefit from the reactivation of Avondale Shipyard for maritime and logistics-related purposes.”

The Port of New Orleans action addresses key elements to Avondale Marine’s ability to complete the transaction. The Port will issue a jurisdictional permit to Avondale Marine for use and development of a port and intermodal facility within the Port’s authorized jurisdiction. Upon completion of a suitably located rail extension at Avondale Marine’s expense, the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad will connect and provide service to ensure the site has neutral access to all Class I railroads operating within the New Orleans gateway.

The benefits to Port NOLA and NOPB may include additional revenue from increased value-added and maritime activity throughout the jurisdiction. Port NOLA’s goal has been to support the re-opening of the site with additive and sustainable maritime activity that will benefit the region and generate family-supporting jobs. The CEA outlines opportunities for collaboration among the parties geared toward developing Avondale into a vibrant maritime and logistics hub, which Avondale Marine expects will create at least 2,000 jobs.