New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Unveils New Logo

NOPB 2018 Logo TM

The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad (NOPB) is poised to bring its rail operations into the next 100 years with a new corporate logo, marking the most dramatic change in the company’s visual identity since 1908.

Featuring the New Orleans fleur-de-lis, the new logo celebrates NOPB’s synergy with the Port of New Orleans, a partnership confirmed in February 2018 when the Port’s acquisition of the shortline railroad was finalized. The same vibrant red and subtle blue featured in the original historic “Belt” NOPB logo honors where the company has been while its sleek new design looks to the future.

“Our new logo better communicates what NOPB stands for today,” said NOPB General Manager Doug Campbell. “We have included the original blue and red to pay respect to our heritage, but the design embodies the emphasis we are putting on the future of NOPB as a partner of the Port of New Orleans and as a vital member of the region’s transportation gateway.”

“We work together as a team to plan for future growth,” said Brandy D. Christian, President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans and CEO of New Orleans Public Belt Railroad. “Now we will be able to market ourselves visually as a team, providing superior logistics solutions.”

The new logo will be able to be used alongside both NOPB and “Rail NOLA” text. In October, a new website, railnola.com, will be launched as a part of the railroad’s rebranding effort.

“Our new website will offer exciting features for both our customers and our neighbors. Customers can get a rate estimate, order rail cars and take a deeper dive into our network,” said Campbell. “Neighbors will have access to educational resources and have immediate access to our latest news and updates to the Urban Rail Initiative. We are excited to have a website that embodies our vision for the future and the synergy with Port NOLA.”

In line with NOPB’s vision for the future and its commitment to the community, NOPB has applied to the Federal Railroad Administration’s “Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements” grant opportunity in partnership with Norfolk Southern Railway. If the federal grant funding isn’t shifted away to storm recovery efforts and is awarded,NOPB intends to construct an additional interchange location for the two railroads to supplement the current location at Press Street in the Bywater historic district.

The current interchange location between the NOPB and Norfolk Southern Railway at Press Street has posed one of the biggest safety challenges across the NOPB network. The interchange is located adjacent to the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), a preforming arts high school. In addition to traffic congestion sometimes caused at Press Street, there have been ongoing concerns related to pedestrians climbing through stopped and slow moving trains. The creation of an additional interchange at Florida Avenue (intersection with France Road), an industrial location, would allow operational flexibility and an alternative route during key neighborhood transit hours. The additional interchange would have tremendous community safety benefit, as well as increase reliability, resilience and opportunity across the network. NOPB expects to receive the results of the grant application by the end of the year.

Published: September 27, 2018