Kearney Companies President David Kearney Receives Rising Star Award

Summit 0211

At the 10th annual Rail Supply Chain Summit Port NOLA tenant and business operator David W. Kearny was presented with the Rising Star Award. Kearney is the President of The Kearney Companies (KCO), a 3PL service company headquartered in New Orleans. The award was presented during a ceremony on Oct. 15, 2020 in Chicago.

At the sold-out event, Kearney was celebrated by professionals in the industry for his leadership, innovation, exemplary customer service, and more. Kearney was singled out for continually developing new ways of doing business benefitting his customers, his team, and his company.

The Rising Star Award is not an annual award. It is given when highly respected professionals in senior positions in freight transportation brings attention to a younger professional in the sector who has consistently shown outstanding deliverables professionally, has personally contributed significantly within his greater community, and is leading a personal life radiating integrity and consideration of others.

Patrick E. Dixon, Customer Experience Manager, Branded Feed Products, Cargill, Inc. described the innovative, highly productive relationship Cargill has had for years with KCO. Their mutual commitment to resolving issues raises the bar and results in benefiting both companies.

“While business success drives the economy, there is no sustainable success without consistency in integrity and consideration in an individual’s personal life,” said Dixon.

Merritt Lane, President and CEO of Canal Barge, headquartered in New Orleans, described Kearney’s involvement in his community and how he is widely respected for actions and his consideration of others.

The Kearney Companies established Third Party Logistics (3PL) services in the Port of New Orleans, LA in 1996. The company's 3PL services are supported by four generations of warehousing and 3PL experience through the Kearney family that actively participates in the company’s day to day operations and overall strategic vision.

Published: November 19, 2020